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Classic Gaming: AVGN and the bad games

Like any form of entertainment, older video games often posess some level of nostalgia. Even in todays age of Wii and Playstation 3 games, people will often return to the games of their childhood. Though they are over 20 years old, games such as Super Mario Bros. Full story

Fat Ass: The Secrets of The Biggest Loser

I found myself discouraged this week. My weight has been about the same since Christmas. I am running again and watching my diet. Confused, I visited the doctor and had my blood pressure, glucose levels, and cholesterol checked. Overall, I have lost about 30 pounds since last August. Full story

Big Lots! can help frugal shoppers discover some big savings

Your shopping list may sound something like this, (I know mine does) shampoo, hair bands, picture frames, and an energy drink or two; and maybe your bank account is nearly nonexistent (again, like mine). Well have no fear Spartans there’s place you can go to get all of these things and more, without having to battle fellow motorist on that dreaded road, Wendover. Full story

Is Appleā€™s new iPad going to be worth the cost?

This week, Apple unveiled its latest creation dubbed the “iPad.” Steve Jobs promises that this tablet device is a game-changer, a revolution in computing, and some have quoted Jobs as saying this is the most important thing he has ever worked on. But when the device was unveiled this past week, the tech world was collectively underwhelmed. Full story

Zen: a state of mind and a restaurant in Downtown

There are some types of places that get looked over because they seem too fancy, or they’re not with the times of today’s generation. On N. Elm Street in downtown Greensboro, a lot of restaurants get over looked and Zen Sushi is one of them. Those who overlook Zen Sushi & Sake Bar are missing the experience of a lifetime. Full story

Glenwood Tutoring: One Child at a Time

On the corner of Lee and Dick Street. in Greensboro, is Grace Community Church. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after school, the sounds of children talking and laughing can be heard from the playground behind the church; the cars of UNCG students and other tutors parked in front of it. Full story

Over-population a problem with high stakes, countries sometimes go too far

Americans often forget that we are not the largest or most densely populated country on earth. Among the world community, we are nowhere near some of the leaders like China with 1.3 billion people, whereas we only have around 300 million. The one child policy in China show that some populations are spinning out of control. Full story