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Library’s Special Collections valuable but little-known

Quindecim, Goucher College, MD

3 days ago by Lori Shull

Ten students and a professor cluster around a long heavy table in a dark wood-panelled room. They are passing around a scrapbook made by a Goucher student at the turn of the century while discussing photos of period dorm room interiors for an art history class.

Love, Marriage, Graduation Do Not Add Up for Many Seniors

The Hilltop, Howard University, DC

3 hours ago by Jenerra Albert

In the summer of 1974, sophomore, Lloyd Duggan had no idea that all of the time he was spending with freshman Jerri Patrick would someday result in a trip down the aisle.

For the young couple, it seemed college was the perfect starting ground for a lasting relationship.

All The World’s A Stage

Niner Online, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC

1 day ago by Karissa Minn

It’s been said that our character is shown by what we do when we think no-one is looking. I think that these days, our character is revealed by what we do when we actually want others to look. And it’s not always pretty. Recently, six Florida teenage girls harassed and assaulted another girl while videotaping the whole thing.

Up Close with Ariel Roth

Quindecim, Goucher College, MD

3 days ago by Bianca Merbaum

Tucked away in his narrow office in Van Meter 130, Dr. Ariel Roth, visiting Assistant Professor of International Relations, hunches over his desk, squinting at a dense text. Piles of manila folders with more lengthy articles – essays from Foreign Affairs, the latest attack on liberals by structural neo-realists, old Hans Morgenthau papers – are cozily stacked on every surface.

A little bit of hip hop and a whole lot of a art

Niner Online, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC

4 days ago by Emilie Schweiger

The evening started with my two friends, Michael and Kyna, and I finding parking on the south side of downtown Charlotte. Our goal was to find the Historic South End Gallery Crawl, or at least some of the galleries involved. There was a trolley ferrying people around the event, but it was a much further drive to the trolley than to the galleries themselves.

GTA4 Blows Away More Than Just Pedestrians

The Bottom Line, Frostburg State University, MD

5 days ago by Andy Kotch

After three and a half years, gamers wishing to steal cars, race down streets evading law enforcement, and battle helicopters in the streets can finally get their wish in high definition. Grand Theft Auto 4 hit store shelves on April 29th, and put to shame any of its predecessors.

Musical Winans family extends to Marshall University

The Parthenon, Marshall University, WV

5 days ago by Demeley Smith

Young, up and coming producer/songwriter, Jeremy Winans, the son of Grammy award winning Daniel Winans, attends college at Marshall University. Winans come to Marshall as a walk-on for the basketball team while continuing to pursue a career in the music industry.

The Hush Sound says ‘Goodbye Blues’

Mountain Echo, Mount Saint Mary’s College, MD

6 days ago by Kayleigh Gelles

“Goodbye Blues” is a change of pace for indie-poppers, The Hush Sound. The third album from the Illinois based quartet was released on March 18, and has since received some mixed reviews. After a couple of avid ventures through it though, listeners seem to change their tune and realize that the album really is just as strong as the band’s former two.

Moderate drinking key to avoiding trouble

The Red and Black, University of Georgia, GA

6 days ago by JULIA SEVY

Waking up after a night of drinking with a DUI on your record is not the ideal way to spend a weekend in Athens, remain trusted by your parents or get ahead in your future career. COMMON ALCOHOL CONSEQUENCESDUI consequences in Georgia can include: • Fines of typically a minimum of $2,000 or more, depending on jurisdiction • Administrative license suspension and/or revocation • Court-appointed alcohol education classes and treatments • Community service • Installation of an ignition interlock system • Vehicle impounding or confiscation • Jail, with the term depending on the jurisdiction and the severity of the crime and number of offenses • A DUI conviction or plea of guilty or nolo contendere will be permanently placed on a record Underage possession consequences: • Misdemeanor • Up to six months imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $300 • May be placed on an alcohol or drug information program University Police often set up safety checkpoints to ensure drivers have their licenses, are wearing seatbelts and have valid insurance, University Police Chief Jimmy Williamson said.


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