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A new energy drink that is starting to take college campuses by storm

By Caitlin Dwelly


Published: Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Updated: Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Have you ever found yourself trying to study for tomorrow’s exam while also stressing over that paper you have yet to start, and every time you glance at the clock all you see is more reason to just doze off to sleep? First you should consider trying to fix your procrastination problem, but before you attempt to take a quick nap only to find you’ve woken up to your morning alarm, I recommend reaching for an energy drink, like AMP. The product calls this rush of new energy “AMP energy,” and it’s worth becoming a fan of.

Once you become a fan you should know that the AMP Company does more than sell energy drinks; they now have community called AMP Energy Nation that has spread to nearly 400 college campuses across the nation. This community consists of bands, students, college radio DJs, and sports fans. The goal of this community is to support talented bands through college radio, tour support, and AMP events. So if you’re in a band, or know of someone that might be interested in more support, AMP Energy Nation would be worth checking out. The program has worked with bands like: Hawthorn Heights, Hellogoodbye, The Dollyrots, Halifax, Everybody Else, and A Change of Pace.

Connor Lucovsky and Miles Pritchard are our college campus representatives for the AMP Energy Nation. Their job is to host sampling events, organize parties, and provide local promotion and support of AMP college music concerts. So if you want to provide people with AMP energy drinks at your party or event, just contact these two by email and they’ll help you out.

There is another way to get connected with this community, and that is through Becoming a fan of “AMP Energy” will link you to a place to see some of their latest music videos, news and blogs. Bands, college reps, and DJs also use the Facebook page to share their experiences.

AMP Energy Nation is a great community, and definitely worth checking out. If you are interested in providing the energy drink at a party or event you can reach Miles Pritchard at [email protected] and Connor Lucovsky at [email protected].

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