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A taste and electronic showcase a la WUAG

Juan Huevos, George Brazil, and A Drop in Silence unite at the Gathering Spot

Published: Friday, April 17, 2009

Updated: Monday, January 18, 2010 09:01

The pulsing strobe lights gave the crowd a look lacking depth perception while arms moved stiffly in the air with the click of flashing lights. Rainbow lights splashed color everywhere, illuminating a backdrop of the giant version of the latest WUAG logo, that popular rainbow sticker that’s been tagged all over the UNCG area. All this and more was occurring during WUAG presentation of their latest beat of live music in the form of an Electronic Showcase featuring George Brazil, Juan Huevos, and A Drop in Silence at the Gathering Spot on Tate Street Thursday night.

The Gathering Spot, a place usually known for jell-o wrestling, pseudo-oral body shots, and naughty costume contests was transformed into a super flashy dance party that kept the electronically bawdy behavior on stage.

Charlotte’s George Brazil, an electronic maniac who describes himself as “your favorite mix tape losing its magnetism.” The disco dude from the Queen City splashed “mostly Internet” inspired beats onto the growing crowd of dance party devotees.

Juan Huevos from Chapel Hill had a set that would make a sailor blush; the guy clearly loves the ladies and obscenities. His songs were laden with loads of T&A;, profanity, and all kinds of things not fit to print.

Shirtless and sweaty with a shaggy mohawk tucked under a baseball cap, Huevos hopped around like an MC monkey while pushing flashing knobs on a soundboard, or flipping the switch to start a strobe light attack.

Huevos set a pretty self-deprecating tone, beckoning the crowd to shout, “Huevos is a piece of dirt,” while proudly declaring his loud indifference to whether the crowd loved him or hated him. Huevos incited a playful “f-me, f-you,” exchange with the audience before shouting loudly to “think of him when you pee,” in between songs about “My Little Pony” and remixed Outkast.

During the next set, Huevos transitioned by having a DJ scream into a megaphone before hopping offstage. Meanwhile, A Drop in Silence set took the place to “beat rock.” The first track to drop was the dance party anthem from Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

A Drop in Silence dropped a 1990s house feel into the Gathering Spot. Audience members met their full-on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air remix with much excitement. “It might be alright” playfully looped in between the crowd voices loudly singing along to verses made famous by the television classic.

Hopped-up sampled covers are always fun, or at least the hoard of drinking dancers thought so. A girl in a turquoise flapper top two-stepped around the room in cowgirl boots while fellows sweaty from flailing along to the beat filled the floor. An electrified “Bette Davis Eyes” set a soundtrack for chicks donning 80’s spandex to sashay in groups with drinks held high.

The showcase reaffirmed MC Chris’ declaration that white kids do in fact love hip-hop. WUAG does a dance party right. The Gathering spot was filled with kids having a good time dancing to songs recycled from roller rinks and one very dirty MC.

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