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The week of September 19, 2010 in A&E;

Films that Bite Back: five great werewolf movies

Film reviewer seeks out the five most underrated were’ films in movie history

  In addition to the recent vampire revival, werewolves have pounced back into the mainstream due to the popularity of the Jacob Black character in the Twilight series, the recent remake of The Wolfman and the passing of wolf-man actor Paul Naschy.

The Waiting Room

After Oklahoma! success, School of Music, Theatre and Dance presents darker production


“…werewolves been marginalized throughout cinematic history to other creatures like the zombie, Frankenstein’s monster, and the vampire.”

Dance alumni partners with YMCA

  ‘A Journey to Become’ is the title of Royal Expression’s Dance Studio’s last production, but also is the perfect description of this up-and-coming dance company. Royal Expressions is what founding director and dance instructor Princess Howell calls a “ten-year dream in the making. 1 comment