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Could it be fame for UNCG students starring in a commercial?

Published: Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Updated: Monday, January 18, 2010 09:01


UNCG Student Brandi Autry, a junior, is majoring in sociology and criminology, with a second major in Religious Studies. She got a taste of fame when appearing in a commercial.

What characteristics, hobbies, interests or activities make an individual – what fits you?

This is the question that Kotex, a Kimberly-Clark brand product, is asking college aged women. On a recent tour that started for the first time ever this fall, the What Fits U Experience made its way to thirteen different college campuses in the country.

“The What Fits U Experience is a college outreach program for female students to show that Kotex knows that each woman is an individual,” said Matt Britton, a Kimberly-Clark spokesman.

“This is a way for Kotex to give back to college students,” Britton added.

The tour, which came to UNCG on October 7, “catered to the students’ interests” said Britton. Each tour included things like a Style U-pod, where you could make and submit your own handbag design, or the Invigorate-U where you could get a free massage, manicure or pedicure. Another, the Experience-U let students have their photo taken in front of an Italian backdrop that they could share with friends, while also entering to when a European Discovery trip.

The tour also gave students a chance to be on a promotional billboard, which can be seen in the UNCG bookstore along with other places on campus, as well as on a commercial that is being shown in the bookstore and in Regal Theaters in Greensboro, or can be viewed at Any student could audition to participate.

“We chose the students that were best able to express themselves on camera,” said Britton regarding the auditions.

“We wanted to represent the diversity of students that makes UNCG a great campus.” For the girls, it was a fun experience. Students who were interested in participating were taken to the EUC Cone Ball Room where they found a free massage, a place to design handbags, and other parts of the tour. They were asked if they wanted to audition for the commercial.

“They asked me what things I liked. They gave you an outline for the audition and you filled in the blank,” said Jessica Aldave’, a sophomore majoring in sociology and criminology.

“I didn’t expect to make it, I’ve always wanted to be on TV,” Aldave’ added. It was also a quick process.

“It took no more than 10 minutes. They asked me what I liked to do and it went from there,” said Jasmin Collins, a senior majoring in sociology and criminology.

For others, the free stuff and friendly people attracted them.

“I was just walking through the EUC and saw that there were free massages, and I was like Okay, I’m there!” said Laura Schule, a freshman majoring in instrumental music education.

For most of the girls, it is odd to see themselves on a TV. Some had friends tell them they saw them on the poster or commercial, even before they had seen for themselves.

“It is a little odd when you walk past the bookstore and glance over and you can see yourself moving along a television screen,” said Brandi Autry, a Junior, also majoring in sociology and criminology, and a second major in Religious Studies.

Like the girls, those who brought the tour to UNCG found it to be a great experience.

“Students at UNCG are always energetic and excited about promotions on campus, and the administration is very hospitable,” said Britton of the company’s experience at UNCG. “We look forward to coming back to UNCG because it was such a great experience,” Britton added.

The tour is scheduled to end in the December, but there is talk of it continuing because of the great feedback that resulted from the tour. Sixteen female UNCG students were used for the promotion.

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