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Eclectic energy flows through Fillmore

Frank Turner, Flogging Molly and The Architects hit the Fillmore for a night of music and fun

By Kaycie Coy


Published: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

“Get pumped ‘cause they just did the sound check and it sounds badass.”
Starting as early as four o’clock, fans began lining up for Charlotte’s event of the evening: Frank Turner and Flogging Molly at The Filmore. Despite the downward spiraling temperatures, people gathered in anticipation of the big night, clad in t-shirts bearing band titles or anything featuring the luck of the Irish. One trio from Bristol, Virginia passed up school to take a four hour drive for “a lot of energy” commented Caitlin Hall. Friends Micha Robinson and Lyneea Robinson, who have been fans for years, tagged along looking forward to great music and their favorite song “Devils Dance Floor.” Smiling and shivering, Lyneea had a positive expectation for the concert. “We heard the show is supposed to be jam-packed with all kinds of energy.”

With a flare of elegance, the Filmore’s warehouse skeleton made it feel as if you were watching royalty perform. Red velvet curtains draped the walls and chandeliers glistened from the flashes of blue, red, gold, purple and green beams of light.

The Architects opened the show after a line extending down the length of Hamilton Street finally made its way through the doors. Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, lead singer Brandon Phillips gave an idea of what their music entailed. “We’ve got two kinds of songs: songs about drugs and songs about law enforcement.” Making the performance pleasurable for both parties, guitarist Denis Casey from Flogging Molly appeared onstage to play a guitar solo using Phillips’ guitar, celebrating his birthday.

Brief intermissions gave time for guests to ponder what band memorabilia and flavor of beer they would sample next while getting pumped for the following act. Frank Turner emulated a walk through the fields of barley and rye, a stampede of galloping horses passing by. The switch of soft acoustic and bass tones with the eclectic folk feel caressed the crowd like stubble on infant skin. Audience participation was a plus when a woman from the crowd was given an opportunity to perform an impromptu harmonica solo with Turner.

Traveling from Winchester, England, Turner has found he favors the south over any other area he’s visited on tour, admitting that Los Angeles was a little weird for him. “You guys are the most fun,” he said. His muses include Bruce Springsteen, The Levelers (a folk punk band from the late 80’s), and Counting Crows. He mostly credits Loudon Wainwright who is known for his humorously honest autobiographical songs. “He’s my [expletive] hero,” Turner says.

Like a bullfighter approaching his final moments of safety, Flogging Molly took the stage with an unfailing strength and energy, starting their act with “Patty’s Lament.” “Hope you don’t have anywhere else to go tonight,” stated lead singer Dave King, “because we have a load of songs we haven’t played before.”

It was certainly a place to make friends or to get cozy with your neighbor- considering how tightly packed the place was. Typical showtime hand-clapping and foot stomping followed, but the crowd’s enthusiasm was far from typical, filled with buoyant bouncing and a rush you could feel vibrating from head to toe. Glass toasting and, despite prohibiting words, crowd-surfing were only a few examples of the energy flow pulsing through the audience. The evening proved to be entertaining and never ending with chants for an encore performance.

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