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Fall TV guide: New show premiere dates looming

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Published: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, September 1, 2010 17:09


As the fall semester begins, and we are headed back to classes, another sign of the fall season is looming upon us. Over the next few weeks, the new season of television shows will be starting up. While many of last seasons favorite shows will be returning, the networks are also bringing in a host of new shows to try out in hopes of securing the next biggest hit.

Hellcats: CW

September 8th

Law student Marti Perkins is forced to join her school’s cheerleader squad when she learns that she is at risk of loosing her college scholarship. With a plot like this, Hellcats is looking to fit right in with the majority of the CW’s Gossip Girl style of show. Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical is also set to star as Savannah Munroe.

Nikita: CW

September 9th

The CW’s update of the 90s show stars Maggie Q as the titular Nikita a skilled spy and assassin who was betrayed by her employers, known only as the Division. While the pilot has potential as a new action series the story seems eerily similar to the pilot of the too soon canceled Dollhouse.

Outlaw: NBC

September 15th

Jimmy Smits returns to television as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice who abruptly resigns to be a lawyer once again. This time he is fighting for the underdog. The likeability of Smits and his team of lawyers can give this show a leg up in the upcoming season but it may not be enough to combat the fact that NBC has exiled the show to the Friday night death slot at 10 p.m.

Lone Star: FOX

September 20th

James Wolk stars as Bob Allen, a seemingly normal guy who is actually a con man juggling multiple lives including at least one wife and a girlfriend. While the triailer doesn’t give away much in the way of plot, it makes up for it in the tone that it sets for the upcoming series. As described by the series creator, Kyle Killen, Lone Star is looking to be Dallas without the cheese.

The Event: NBC

September 20th

The trailer for NBC’s new thriller looks like its hoping to replicate the success of Lost by creating a global conspiracy including kidnapping and political espionage that all revolves around an often mentioned but never defined event. Staring Jason Ritter The Event looks to have potential as long as the confusion is there to serve the story (like Lost) and not just to be confusing (like last year’s Flash Forward)

Mike & Molly: CBS

September 20th

The latest in a long line of sitcoms by CBS’s producer Chuck Lorre (Two and  Half Men, The Big Bang Theory) Mike & Molly is one of the few sitcoms that is using a laugh track this year. There are more than a few fat jokes in the pilot as the show is about a couple that meet at an over eaters anonymous meeting but as long as the genuine emotion of the relationship starts to shine through before too long, Lorre may have another hit on his hands.

Hawaii Five-0: CBS

September 20th

The other reboot series to show up this season is of the seventies show Hawaii Five-0. The reboot once again sees hero Steve McGarrett heading up an elite group of men (and one woman) against some of the biggest criminal problems in Hawaii. While reboots like this seem to be hit or miss (see last year’s Melrose Place) Hawaii Five-0 seems eager to bring new fans to the franchise while still satisfying those who loved the original. At least the trailer used the classic theme song.

Chase: NBC

September 20th

Chase is attempting to take what could be just another police procedural plot and escalate the intensity focus on the action, and crank the whole pace up a notch. Annie Frost (Kelli Giddish) heads up a team of US Marshals as they chase the criminals across the nation focusing on the Most Wanted Fugitives list.

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