OneSuite Launches Hybrid Phone Service, Enabling Cheap Calls on Campus Via Landline, Cell Phone, or Internet

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OneSuite, a leading prepaid long distance provider favored by university students and faculties, today introduced a new product — OS Hybrid. Borrowing the concept from a hybrid car, the new product allows users to switch calling methods between traditional touchtone phone and computers, enjoy premium services such as fax to email, or make and receive calls on a PC all under a single web-based account.

Famed for its low-cost and no-catch prepaid pinless calling card service and simple account logics, OneSuite has quietly built a strong fan base from campus to campus since its commencement in 1999. With the launch of OS Hybrid, OneSuite allows the budget spenders to save even more through free PC-to-PC calls and low PC-to-Phone rates.

“With the combination of web-based prepaid calling card and Internet phone, OneSuite is offering the best of two worlds,” said Alice Ching, OneSuite Marketing and PR Vice President. “Once subscribed to OneSuite, frustrated phone card users who can’t access the provider’s network during major holidays, can now call out or even receive calls via Internet using the OneSuite Softphone. On the other hand, callers who rely on Internet connectivity, electric power, or must be glued to their computers to make long-distance calls, can now use the same account to call through traditional phones or cell phones when Internet or PC is not available.”

Internet phone has become popular among Internet-savvy and budget-conscious students over the past years. For students or faculties who live in dorms or apartments and share phone lines, getting a second phone line over the Internet is the most hassle-free and inexpensive option. The Internet access method of OneSuite’s new hybrid phone service will particularly benefit users who make frequent long-distance and international calls.

“A lot of our customers are students and faculties, especially international students and foreign scholars. With the alternative of calling from PC, they can now call their friends and family back home for free or at local rates. Also, when they travel overseas, they can still use the same account at ease,” Ching said.

In line with OneSuite transparent billing policy, OS Hybrid sticks to a “pay as you go” philosophy. Users pay $10.00 to sign up an account to use prepaid long distance service. With nominal subscription fees, users may subscribe to OneSuite VoIP service, SuiteAdvantage, for $2.95, or Fax-to-Email service, MessageOne, for $1.00 per month.

“There is no connection fees, no hidden fees, no incoming call charges and no per-call charges,” Ching said. “Above all, there is no monthly plan. We don’t want to make our customers pay for minutes they don’t ever get to use, or pay extra high rates for the overage if they exceed the plan. Those are just old-school telecom number games.”

In the ever-competitive telecom market, OneSuite has certain niches starting as a web-based phone card company. While some of the major Internet phone companies still struggle with dropped calls and billing issues, OneSuite is in good standing as the company has long partnered with major carriers worldwide to ensure call quality, and their billing system has stood the test of time for the past eight years.

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About OneSuite:

OneSuite, founded in 1999, is a Los Angeles-based hybrid prepaid long distance service provider that offers consumers with incredibly low rates while allowing users to choose calling methods between traditional PSTN and VoIP. OneSuite subscribers can also enjoy premium services such as Fax to email, make and receive calls on a PC with utmost convenience and mobility, all under one single account.

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