Hear What Happened at the Caveman’s Party?

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After more than one million unique visitors opened the door to the secret lives of cavemen on the interactive www.cavemanscrib.com site, GEICO has more videos to show visitors about the post-party aftermath at the “crib.”

In GEICO’s original release of the site – which received more than 50 million hits and had been linked to thousands of sites – viewers could interact with the cavemen as they were frantically preparing for a party in their modern, high-tech apartment. In this new post-party version, not to be confused with the Caveman sitcom, viewers to www.cavemanscrib.com may experience the party firsthand through camera phone video clips, photos, and voicemails on various phones and computers throughout the “crib.”

It’s a real insider’s look into their lives.

From their music, friends, and entertaining prowess, to their relationship with GEICO, clues are everywhere to give viewers a sense of what makes these guys tick.

And don’t miss Tina. She came to the party and brought a special guest. To experience the party, from preparation to the morning after, visit www.cavemanscrib.com. The journey continues.

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