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Larry Sabato in favor of reformed Constitution

Published: Monday, September 24, 2007

Updated: Monday, January 18, 2010 09:01

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Larry Sabato, a leading political scientist, spoke at UNCG Wednesday about his ideas on how to reform the Constitution.

In the Science Building, Sabato began his talk with jokes about buying his new book, which he jokingly continued to push throughout the speech. The new book is called A More Perfect Constitution.

“Most people don’t really know the basics about the Constitution,” said Sabato. “Everyone talks about the Constitution, but no one really reads the Constitution.”

To prove his point, Sabato showed a clip from the Andy Griffith show where a character could not even start the first line of the document.

Using a PowerPoint presentation, Sabato spoke of his 23 desired revisions to the Constitution. The revisions are outlined in his new book.

Among these revisions were hopes to build a more representative Senate, mandate nonpartisan redistricting for House elections, expand the size of the House to approximately 1,000 members, and establish a new six-year presidential term.

Sabato also believes all able-boded, young Americans should be required to devote at least two years of their lives to the service of their nation.

“The purpose of this book is to start a debate,” Sabato explained.

Sabato is a professor at the University of Virginia and has written over 20 books.

Sabato’s website has a place for others to display their ideas for a 24th proposal. The idea is to start a discussion so people will learn more about the Constitution.

“It would be pleasant if more people read the Constitution,” Sabato explained of his hopes.

For more information, or to add your own amendment, visit

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