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Marshall delivers state of the campus address

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Published: Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 08:09


On September 7 in the Cone Ballroom, Student Body President Katie Marshall delivered her State of the Campus Address to students.  The speech focused on a key phrase meant to encompass the many changes occurring around the UNCG community: “the new normal.”  Marshall stated that all of the alterations being made in our University are an effort to initiate an “acceptance of a higher standard.  So when we graduate, our graduation means something.”

The speech began by listing what Marshall dubbed the “optimistic, idealist point of view:” the positive and visible changes impacting our campus.  These included new sustainability efforts, continued renovations, and UNCG Guarantee: a new financial aid program that allowed 32 students to attend college this year.

However, Marshall then turned the focus of her address to the financial implications of the latest round of budget cuts and, furthermore, the future cuts that will be made in 2011-2013.  Chancellor Brady previously stated that the future budget cuts could result in the loss of up to 300 UNCG faculty and staff.  “There is beauty in this dissonance,” said Marshall.  The president repeatedly emphasized that SGA intended to be a megaphone for the student voice and serve as communicators.  She announced that SGA will be starting a new program called inTUITION, intended to “keep the next round of [tuition] increases as low as possible.”

Marshall concluded her speech with encouragement and reassurance for her fellow Spartans.  “We [SGA] serve as on the ground, eye-level witnesses to what goes on here at UNCG every day.  We do not take our jobs lightly.  We will continue to serve and to keep our focus on exactly what the students need.

“Following the speech and a ten-minute recess, the senators opened the floor to students that wished to address the Student Government Association.  David Lambert, former SGA Senator and Presidential Candidate, took the opportunity to discuss an article that ran in last week’s issue of The Carolinian regarding the reconstructing of the HES and HHP departments.  “I agree that I think the SGA needs to be the megaphone for the student body,” said Lambert.  He questioned SGA as to their knowledge and involvement about the reconstruction and stated that “If SGA does support it, I want to know what was done.”

The entirety of SGA then received the opportunity to respond to the former Senator’s question.  However, not one student senator chose to answer and the opportunity for students to address SGA came to an end.  At the beginning of Marshall’s report, though, the president invited Chancellor Brady to address the questions and concerns raised by Lambert.

Brady gave a short speech in which she addressed the decision-making process behind “reconstructing” and the intended end-result. “There is no predetermined outcome other then I instructed the provost the result should be a larger, more visible unit of students doing work across these programs that will make it easier for students to minor.”  The chancellor announced that between April 1 and June 1, 50 other colleges around the country began reconstructing, one of the many factors playing into this decision.  “We need to remain competitive,” said Brady.

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