Carolinian – Sports
Issue: 2/11/02

Club Sports at UNCG
By Charlie Hodges

For most of the athletes on campus, decent at some sports but not great at one, varsity sports are great to watch. So where do we go to compete at a stronger level, but not commit our lives to the game? The answer is Club sports. With programs in Fencing, Martial Arts, Ice Hockey, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Equestrian, and Rugby, students can either find strong competition, or just play for fun in many areas. Although intramurals can offer some of the same sports, there is a wider variety of competition and difficulty in club sports. Now, with several new clubs getting started, including Men’s Club Volleyball, and Club Football, anyone can come out and participate.

Many of these teams have conferences they are members of and compete in. However, the cost of entering has prohibited some of the teams from doing so. In most cases, these teams compete against other club-level teams around the state. Our Club Ice Hockey team isn’t in a conference, but they are very active in a Greensboro league and play frequently at local arenas. Ice Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, Women’s Volleyball, and Men’s Soccer have all hosted events on campus in the past.

There are many things students don’t realize about Club sports. SGA gives the teams money, but they can’t completely support the teams. These teams must provide their own fundraising and pay their dues to keep the programs alive. Men’s soccer has had special nights at Rumba Latina, a Greensboro nightclub, to raise money to travel to tournaments at other schools. Women’s volleyball has raffled off DVD players to help support their team. Not only do these teams fundraise, they also are involved in community service projects. Women’s volleyball has taken several trips into the Greensboro community to aid in different areas.

Unfortunately, this year Club sports have also had their difficulties. With a rise in interest for intramural sports, practice spaces have almost disappeared for these teams. Despite this, most teams are overcoming the obstacles and going strong, boosting our community as a whole. With presidents who must be dedicated and hard working and players who also must strive to achieve, club sports are great character-builders and allow outlets to meet people. As a member of the upcoming Men’s Volleyball team, I can say that it is a lot of work, but also a ton of fun.

Whether or not you decide to get involved in Club sports, you should not choose to ignore them. Much of your student funds are being used to pay for these sports. You should know where your money is being spent. Club Football has already been given a large portion of student money, and they still have not turned in proper paper work to the Recreation Center offices to be approved as a club. So, if you want to play, then do so, but know it is because of you these sports go on.

If you would like more information on contacting any of the sports mentioned above, or if you are interested in learning how to start your own club, you can call Nicole Piscitelli at 334-5924. Please use this number only as a source of information. Also, for more contact information, check out the Campus Record found in the Rec Center Lobby.