Carolinian – Gone Too Soon
Issue: 2/25/02

John Chase Bennett

John Chase Bennett IV was a student last semester at UNCG. He was not enrolled in courses for the spring semester. According to friends he was between homes and was sleeping in a car when he died sometime during the night of Feb. 11. He was found dead by police in the car Feb 12. Police said he died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

People who knew Bennett said he was a kind and loving person.

“It was very hard for me to accept that such a great person could die so unexpectedly,” said Linnea Coon, sophomore. “He was very loving, a great man of God.”

Coon said she knew Bennett, Beth Harris and Rachel Llewellyn through the UNCG Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. She added that she and Harris went to the same middle and high schools.

Coon said the last time she’d seen Bennett was last semester at an Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship meeting

“He never put judgment on people. He was always encouraging you, making you laugh, or telling you he’d pray for you,” said Coon. “I guess the one thing I learned from his friendship is that everyone deserves love,”

“He showed his love through music and through words of affirmation,” said Coon. “When you watched him or when he sang, or he talked there was just this air of love, Christ’s love.”