Carolinian – Gone Too Soon
Issue: 2/25/02

Rachel Llewellyn

Rachel Llewellyn was born outside Kansas City, Mo., and went to Page High School in Greensboro. She was nursing major at UNCG. Llewellyn lived in the southwestern corner of the third floor of the Campus Walk apartments with her sister Donna Llewellyn and Beth Harris.

Linnea Coon, a sophomore at UNCG, said she lived above Llewellyn at Morehead apartments in Greensboro last summer.

“We would see each other and hang out at her apartment sometimes. That’s when our friendship really started to develop,” said Coon.

Coon and many others said Llewellyn was easygoing and compassionate.

“If you had something going on she would always remember it and ask how it was going,” said Coon. “The thing that hits me the most it the way that they died. Knowing that they were awake when they died that is really hard.”

“Rachel Llewellyn had a smile that would make your day,” said Marshall Benbow of the UNCG Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship at the memorial service Tuesday. “She had a heart to really love others.”

“You could know something special was going on in Rachel,” said Benbow. “She was a deeply committed Christian and her faith was not confined to Sunday morning worship.”