Carolinian – Letters to the Editor
Issue: 3/4/02

PRIDE’S Funding

Dear Editor,

As an Alumni of UNCG(1986-1991), a conservative as well as the former president Political Awareness Club, I was aware of the activism of PRIDE known then as the Gay-Lesbian Student Organization. I supported the right of PRIDE to exist and their right to free speach as I do today. I support their rights in the same way I vehemently support the right for Jason Crawford to question how his student fees are spent. Jason also has the right to lobby within the legislative rules of the SGA when he feels his student fees are going to fund what he considers offensive material.
It’s interesting how the same people who say they are for diversity quickly want to call someone a bigot or use other mean spirited speak to degrade those who simply have a different opinion than theirs. Tolerance, which is supposedly championed by PRIDE and other politically correct groups, apparently ends when anyone disagrees with them. In other words, they are intolerant of people like Jason. They call him a “jerk” or accuse him of writing letters that say their group supports pedophilism. If Mr. Crawford claimed PRIDE’s members are pedophiles in a letter, then post it here. I doubt that Mr. Crawford made such a charge, written or otherwise. I’ll bet that this is just another politically correct way of smearing anyone who opposes their ideas. I challenge Melissa Holland to post this letter if it truly exists.

Jason could have tried to tear down the display in the library. He instead used the proper route by lobbying the SGA for redress of his grievences. I wish I had been afforded the same courtesy in 1988 when my displays advertising the speaking engagement of Col. Scotty Morgan, a conservative speaker, were simply torn down immediately. The Carolinian did cover the event and I hope they will publish my letter.

Finally, I take issue with the Carolinian’s characterization of Mr. Crawford’s request as a “SIEGE.” Please look the term up in the dictionary.


Wesley Keith
Class of 1991