Carolinian – Arts & Entertainment
Issue: 3/18/02

Web Junkie: Online Films
By Emily Price

Every weekend millions of people gravitate toward their local movie theaters and video stores to watch films. Plans are in the works currently so that maybe, you might not even have to get up from your computer. Blockbuster, along with several associates is currently developing a plan that would allow you to download a movie onto your computer and watch it at home, without even having to go to the video store.
The program has yet to be released for fear that a Napster-like client would pop up allowing the movies to be traded for free like mp3s were with Napster.
So in the meantime, there are a few sites where you can get a film on the net. Whereas you won’t get to see the newest hit at the box office on your computer you can download some pretty cool flicks for free done by independent filmmakers, who are more concerned about their art than making a few bucks.
Here are a few:
“The DFILM Digital Film Festival is a traveling and online showcase of films made with this powerful new filmmaking technology. The goal of the festival is both to entertain, by showing audiences the very best work done by today’s new breed of digital filmmakers, and to inspire, by actively teaching them how they can do it themselves.” the site has a place where you can create your own short digitally animated film, and places to watch films created by others, as well as other films that filmmakers have put on the site. “In it’s first year DFILM was presented in New York, San Francisco, San Diego and London. Every show in every city was sold out. The first leg of DFILM’s second
season has included screenings at Stanford University, the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany, at the Digital Video Conference and Expo in Pasadena and in San Juan, Puerto Rico”.
This site is a trading ground for documentaries online. You can post your own documentary, or watch some created by others and comment on them. A quote at the top of the web page reads, ” Film makers are like children, they need constant encouragement”
See films, read screenplays. Comment on them all.” seeks to empower filmmakers, screenwriters and musicians working outside the establishment’s radar by providing them with a new — and interactive — forum for their work, and by
serving as a platform for industry professionals to discover new talent.”.
If online film web sites were fast food restaurants ifilm would be their McDonalds. A site where you can talk about popular movies and see trailers for them as well as watch a few independent ones. The films on their site are divided up into genres, which make them easier to navigate. It’s a pretty cool site.
Films online as well as a listing on independent theaters and independent film festivals.
A site set up much like the others, with movies available online for you to download and watch, “built to showcase the artistry of independent filmmakers. “.