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Republican Oxymorons

Published: Monday, July 18, 2005

Updated: Monday, January 18, 2010 09:01

A black female, a gay man, and a Jewish rabbi walk into a polling place. They all vote for George W. Bush.

Funny? It shouldn’t be. It happens a lot more often than the Democratic Party would have you believe. For years now, they’ve been making the Republican Party seem like the party that is against diversity of any kind. If you’re not a straight white male and you’re a Republican, you must be some kind of freak.

Even as a white female, I’ve picked up all kinds of grief from liberals about my political affiliation. I’ve been told that by taking a pro-life stance, the Republican Party is trying to keep women pregnant to cut down on the percentage of females in the workforce. Being pro-life, I found this theory amusing, especially since I am all for getting MORE women in the workforce.

I have recently stumbled onto a group of people that make the Democrats tremble in fear: gay Republicans. Throughout the past few months, I have encountered more openly homosexual men that describe themselves as Republicans than I ever have before. To the Democrats, these people are an urban myth. In their na├»ve, misguided world of tunnel vision, gay Republicans are an oxymoron. I mean, after all, Republicans are “anti-gay”, right?

Leonard Pitts Jr, a liberal columnist for the Miami Herald, writes a good percentage of his columns on why it is ridiculous for homosexuals and African-Americans to align themselves with the Republican Party. Most of his reasoning comes from the stereotype that all Republicans are anti-gay racists. Like him, many Democrats have fallen into the belief that all Republicans think exactly alike on every single issue. By their line of reasoning, gays, blacks, and women are fighting against their own personal freedoms by voting Republican.

The reason Democrats refuse to believe these people can be Republicans is that they refuse to let go of their stereotype that all Republicans are hardcore right-wing religious nut bags. But both of America’s major political parties are just as diverse as the country itself. Within the Republican Party, there are people who are pro-choice, anti-war, and even pro-gay marriage.

So why do these people continue to support the Republican Party? What people often forget is that there is more to politics than just these few issues. Suppose a gay man would really like to see the Social Security system replaced with personal savings accounts. What should we expect him to do? Float around between parties? Very few Republicans or Democrats agree with their party 100% on all issues, and yet you very rarely see people running to third parties that may be a better match for their beliefs.

A lot of people within the Republican Party find themselves agreeing with many aspects of the Libertarian Party. The reason they don’t switch is because they realize America is, for the most part, a two-party system. There is a much better chance of changing the world through the Republican or Democratic Party than through a third party. Republicans who do not agree with their party on every single issue should then work within the party to create change.

And yes, there are racists and sexists and bigots in the Republican Party. But I dare say there are just as many in the Democratic Party. Some of the most homophobic men I’ve ever met in my life were extremely liberal. People fear what they do not understand, and both parties have their share of ignorant members.

Several of these gay men I’ve talked to say they voted for Bush because they trusted him more with our national security, even if they didn’t like his stance on gay marriages. Even John Kerry was in favor of civil unions rather than gay marriage. The way these men see it, why sacrifice one thing you believe in for something that might or might not end up going in your favor?

The battle for equality is far from over in America. Homosexuals, minorities, and women still battle bigotry every day. But when you try to characterize someone based on their political party, well, you’re no better than those sexist, racist, ignorant bigots you claim to hate.

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