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The Chronicle, Duke University, NC

12 hours ago by Stephen Allan

The Blue Devils, having won their two opening contests of the 2K Sports Classic, advance to the semifinals in New York City and will play either Southern Illinois or Massachusetts Nov. 20.

Men’s squad ranked no. 20

The Davidsonian, Davidson College, NC

5 hours ago by Logan Lewis

“It’s like perfume I guess; it smells nice but no one would want to drink it,” said men’s basketball coach Bob McKillop after considering Davidson’s top 20 ranking in the preseason ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll and the preseason Associated Press poll.

McKillop simply means that while the Davidson basketball program is finally getting much deserved recognition, it’s not enough just to be highly touted at the beginning of the season.

Does Davidson need an intervention?

The Davidsonian, Davidson College, NC

3 hours ago by Kelly Beggs

At a forum on Tuesday evening in the 900 Room, students discussed social life on campus. Sponsored by the Gordie Foundation, Health Advisors, SGA, Patterson Court and RLO, the forum explored the relationship between alcohol consumption at Davidson and the campus’s social scene.

Basketball Returns

The Davidsonian, Davidson College, NC

4 hours ago by Brian Moran

Basketball was back in Belk this week. Seven months after that historic March, it has all started again, and with a clean slate.

Both the women and men’s teams tested out the hardwood in exhibition games against Mars Hill and Lenoir-Rhyne, respectively. Both cruised to victory: the women 75-48, the men 87-53.


The Chronicle, Duke University, NC

1 day ago by Joe Drews

“We just didn’t make the extra pass,” Krzyzewski said. “I’m a big basketball gods guy, and I think sometimes you get punished and you miss layups, and you don’t see that open guy.”

Let sophomores live on West

The Chronicle, Duke University, NC

1 day ago

Over the last few weeks, and as recently as this past weekend, Campus Council has been discussing the idea of allowing some sophomores to live on Central Campus.

Is diversity diminishing on campus?

Campus Chronicle, High Point University, NC

5 days ago by Camara McLaughlin

Take a walk on High Point University’s campus and look at students’ cars. BMWs, Mercedes, Lexuses, Land Rovers, cars that cost as much as, or more than, a year’s tuition and fees fill the lots. Look at the clothes on the students. Girls wear Lilly Pulitzer, a brand whose sundresses easily cost $250.

Pi Kappa Phi brings disability awareness to HPU’s campus

Campus Chronicle, High Point University, NC

2 days ago by Bryan Rothamel

During the week of October 6-9, the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity hosted its “No Boundaries Week” as a part of a national campaign to promote disability awareness for Push America.

“This is our first year hosting this national event,” said Andrew Davidson Realon, Pi Kappa Phi brother.

The Voice of Reason: Do you support Bill Ayers?

Carolinian, University of North Carolina Greensboro, NC

1 day ago by Jamie Freeze

This political campaign season has been particularly dirty. As mud has been slung from both sides, citizens are left to wipe off the mud and attempt to see the issues clearly. One attack that the McCain campaign (and Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign) has leveled against Obama is that he “pals around with terrorists.

The Voice of Reason: Turning up the heat: Concealed carry on campus

Carolinian, University of North Carolina Greensboro, NC

1 day ago by Jamie Freeze

I rarely ask for much from my government. All I ask is that they protect my life, liberty, and property. It really isn’t a tall order. However, the crime rates in America make me doubt the government’s ability to protect me in any capacity. Greensboro is consistently above the national average in violent crimes and property crimes.

Bob Barr: Real choice

Carolinian, University of North Carolina Greensboro, NC

1 day ago by Joe Kiser, Special to The Carolinian

Here we are, less than a week out from the election and it’s a shoe-in that Barack Obama will be the next president. Mr. Obama has a safe lead in all of the states carried by John Kerry in 2004, as well as significant leads in several “swing” states. For Senator McCain to win, he would have to overcome the deficit in all of these swing states, while Senator Obama only has to maintain his lead in any ONE of them to reach the 270 mark.


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