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Sincerely, Johnny Flynn

Staff Writer

Published: Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, November 10, 2010 18:11


Johnny Flynn, British Folk Artist/Shakespearean actor and resident of the west London folk scene— which includes artists such as Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling and Noah and the Whale— stopped by the Local 506 for a performance in light of his newest album Been Listening.

Although Flynn is usually accompanied by his back up band “The Sussex Wit” it was just Johnny Flynn and his acoustic guitar on this night, and you know what? That’s all the audience  really needed.

The Local 506 is a perfect atmosphere for acts such as his, and the intimacy that’s created due to the venue’s limited  space, made the sound of his music even richer. Johnny played songs such as “The Wrote and the Writ,” “Shore to Shore” and “Tunnels” where his whispering lyrics combined with relentless picking on the resonator acoustic guitar created a perfect amalgamation of British and American Folk music.

However, his personality really threw me for a loop since he plays these folk tunes that are so emotionally charged and beautiful, but when he spoke in between songs, it seemed almost as though he were embarrassed to share them with you. He reminded me of a little boy whose overbearing mother forced him to play a song in front of all her friends; he blows you away with his music, and then gets embarrassed because she put him on the spot. It just seemed so odd that a performer who is part of a traveling Shakespearean acting troupe, and a very successful musician could be so…shy. But I would rather him be awesome and shy then pompous and mediocre and to me it made his music feel more genuine.

Regardless, this concert was one heck of a display of folk music and a perfect sound to match these orange and yellow leaves and this crisp fall weather.  Keep your eye open for Mr. Flynn because he will be doing big things in the future I can promise you that, and if you missed him this time I hear that we should be expecting another visit from him soon, and next time he’ll be accompanied by his band “The Sussex Wit.”

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