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UNCG’s nightlife continues to grow

One writer gives an update on Tate St.’s and Spring Garden’s additions – a review

Published: Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Updated: Monday, January 18, 2010 09:01


Lager Haus sits nestled in the heart of Tate Street.

Two new bars, the Lager Haus and College Hill Sundries, have opened near the UNCG campus. Lager Haus has opened up shop in the same building where The Exchange used to reside, next to Tate St. Coffee. College Hill Sundries is in its old location on Spring Garden St., but has reopened under new management.

Lager Haus’ set-up includes a long bar on the left, table in the middle, booths on the right, and in the back are some darts. Why anyone would give sharp pointy objects to drunken college students is beyond me….

Lager Haus serves mainly German food along the line of bratwursts, frankenfurters, and sour kraut.

“The food’s not half bad,” said Ethan Duty, an English major at UNCG. “It’s better than Jimmy John’s or Subway. The ability to get beer before class is excellent. The view of the chicks on Tate Street isn’t bad either.”

“I wish they had more beer on tap,” was Morgan Hayes’ only complaint of the Lager Haus. Hayes added, “The bratwurst was good and reasonably priced.”

To answer Hayes’ complaints, the Lager Haus is going to add 3 more beers on tap, said waiting manager Emily Johnson. One of the new beers will be Red Oak, my personal favorite.

As of now, Lager Haus has several of the Natty Green brews on tap, making them, “The only place beyond Natty Greens, Old Town, and the baseball stadium that sells them” says Johnson.

Currently, Lager Haus doesn’t serve liquor, but since demand for it is high, they should start serving it in a month or so, says Johnson.

Where as Lager Haus is a completely new bar then the one that used to be in that location, College Hill remains essentially the same, just cleaner. In the past, it was a stereotypical “dive,” like the seedy bars from any number of film noirs. It was dirty and filled with oceans of cigarette smoke. The bathrooms were so filthy one would feel like you would catch a plethora of STD’s just from daring to sit on the toilet sit. The dirtiness of the place was half of its charm. Many feared a cleaned up College Hill would lose some of the essence that made it a staple of the UNCG area.

College Hill also obtained a liquor license. In the past, anybody could enter the doors of College Hill. However, now that they serve liquor and no food, only people over 21 can enter as a result of NC state law. This new stipulation may deter those with a lot of underage friends from coming.

“The same old crowd is there, but they’re going to draw more people because they cleaned [up] and they have a liquor license. The same old ‘dive’ quality is there as well, which a lot of people really liked,” said Adam Bavoleck, a senior at UNCG. Michael Hayworth, an UNCG alumnus reiterated this sentiment, “It’s about the same only a little more relaxed.” College was also able to retain Monday night trivia, a favorite among its patrons.

More bars means new options for those boring nights when college students should be studying but will probably end up bar hopping.

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