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WWE has success with Braggin’ Rights

Special to the Carolinian

Published: Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, November 10, 2010 18:11


Its time for one of the best pay per view concepts that WWE has come up with: Bragging Rights. The main focus being the rivalry between the company’s two brands, Raw and Smackdown.

First off is a champion versus champion match-up between Raw’s United States Champion Daniel Bryan and Smackdown’s Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. In a match that had minimal build-up in the weeks leading up to this point, the match started off slow but took an epic turn as it was obvious there was a gratuitous amount of talent in the ring. So much talent that I believe its time to end the relationship angle between Mr. Ziggles and Vickie Guerrero because he can most definitely carry his own weight around now. But then again, I’ve been hoping  to not see Vickie for quite some time now. However the annoying shrills of Vickie could not dampen the greatness of this particular match. The two young superstars seemed determined to make a memorable match and did so by going full throttle.  There were moments where I legitimately was concerned for the well-being of both individuals. In the end, Bryan was able to pull off his LaBelle lock for the win. This match was prime example of how a regular match with skillful performers can be more entertaining than the exhausting gimmick matches.

Next up is a match featuring the Tag Team Champions Dashing Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre against the newly formed team of Nexus members David Otunga and John Cena. The match was dominated by John Cena to the surprise of no one and without much assistance from Otunga. The two became champions together but it seemed like the true purpose of the match was the show off the lack of in-ring ability by Otunga.

Its time for a trip down memory lane because for the first time in years, Goldust is featured in a pay per view match, this time against Ted DiBiase. Its no secret that Goldust is getting up there in age but he shows just out having a firm grip of wrestling fundamentals can make the difference in having a long career in the company. However, youth triumphed over experience as DiBiase was barely able to muscle out a win. After the match, Goldust’s main squeeze, Askana, distracted Dibiase and caused Goldust to escape with his Million Dollar Belt.

The Divas had a match but it seemed like the entire audience decided to take this opportunity to take a bathroom break. Laycool is still the champion…the end.

Next is the rivalry that I’ve given up on trying to predict. This time, it’s a Buried Alive match between the Heavyweight Champion Kane and The Undertaker. Sadly enough, this turned into the same match we’ve seen every month between two veterans with little left in their collective tanks and limited ability. Although just as Taker was about to secure a victory, The Nexus came out and attacked him, causing Kane to capture the victory.

And now the match this particular pay per view was built around, Team Raw versus Team Smackdown. Team Raw is captained by The Miz, and his teammates includes CM Punk, John Morrison, Santino Marella, Mayonnaise (Sheamus), Ezekial Jackson, and the break dance that tries to wrestle that goes by R-Truth. Team Smackdown is led by The Big Show and is joined by Rey Mysterio (and children around the world squeal with glee and I cry on the inside), Jack Swagger, professional caveman Tyler Reks, Kofi Kingston, Edge and the reincarnation of JBL also known as Alberto Del Rio. First eliminated is Santino Marella, who is taken out by a weak clothesline by the caveman. Next out is Kofi Kingston who met the business end of a High Cross from Sheamus. Mysterio is then attacked by teammate Alberto Del Rio. Mysterio is treated by medical personnel and taken to the back (hmm, I wonder who is going to play the underdog for the millionth time and come back out to the match?). Back in the ring, John Morrison eliminates Jack Swagger with a Stairship Pain. Reks is back in and lays out Morrison. Sheamus gets the tag and eventually disposes of Reks with a pump kick. Big Show comes in and bowls over Sheamus, falling to the floor. They fight up the ramp and both get counted out (great leadership, Show). Next in would be Edge and R-Truth and the two exchange quick blows. Truth goes for a Lie Detector but Edge dodges and nails a spear to elimination Truth. Morrison comes back in only for Edge to land another spear to the hippie and eliminates him and his offensively soft, flowing hair. CM Punk now eliminates an unsuspecting Del Rio, thanks for coming and have fun getting attacked by Mysterio as he returns to the match. Mysterio hops back into the ring as if he was not injured at all and goes into a fast-paced exchange against CM Punk until he falls prey to the 619 and gets eliminated. Big Zeke rolls in and dominates early against the smaller Mysterio but that only means one thing, the underdog comes back once again and hits the 619 (are you tired of this repetitiveness too?).  It finally comes down to The Miz for Team Raw and Edge and Mysterio for Team Smackdown. Miz puts up a notable effort but eventually the numbers game catches up and Smackdown wins Bragging Rights for the 2nd year in a row.

And finally its time for the WWE Championship match between the current champ, Randy Orton, against the Nexus leader, Wade Barrett, who is joined ringside by his new pet John Cena. Before the match, Barrett grabs the mic, and exclaims that if he does not win the match then Cena will be fired which causes the fans to chant “Fire Cena,” not like that’s anything new, though. The match took a pretty slow pace but eventually the ref gets knocked out of the ring and the rest of the Nexus enters the mix and attacks Orton. Cena hops in and takes out his fellow Nexus members and catches heat for it by his boss. Cena then explains that Barrett would have been disqualified if the ref saw what was going on. The match continues until Barrett looks like he’s about to get RKO’d into next week. Cena then enters the ring and takes out Barrett and the match ends with Orton getting disqualified. Nice, loophole, Cena.

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